Japanese music

Even though I am being in Japan at the moment, the American influence on me seems to be much stronger. This also effects, what the music I am hearing, which strongly changed to a lot of hiphop or at least songs, with rap-parts. And I get the feeling, that it is even a bit hard to really get into touch with Japanese music in Japan. First, I can’t watch music tv because I am in homestay and usually not the person to decide, what is watched and second the newest cell-phones here all recieve TV but sadly no radio.

So finding Japanese music I like was actually a coincident. The link was included in someones Facebook status and as I was bored and searching around for something to do, I started watching it. This music video may not be too special for someone who knows a lot about Japanese music, but it is for me, because I am only used to the REAL Japanese mainstream, which can also be heard in a lot of Animes. And I was positively surprised, as I heard Japanese music, which actually doesn’t sound that “Japanese” and real catchy.

Furthermore I decided, that I have to take a serious look into Japanese music in the winter break. This is not only about me learning more about Japanese, but probably also helping to understand some of my german friends better, who are really into Japanese music.

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