Unexpected discovery

Actually I was searching for some information about the risk of working illegaly in Japan and what really happens if they find out somebody is illegaly employed. But instead of finding this, I stumbled upon something completely different, which made me kinda laugh:

“We welcome the visit of Israeli people to know more of Japan. To our regret, however, dozens of Israeli youth are being arrested every year for street sales of fake brand-name goods such as bags and watches (36 arrested in 2006).
To make your visit a valuable and enjoyable one, we strongly request you not be taken in by a sugarcoated inducement of illegal money making.”

So you may be asking, what’s funny about it. It is actually the fact, that this note sounds like it is criminalizing the all Israeli just because incredible 36 were arrested for illegal money making in 2006. I can’t find out who the author is, but this document was published by the Isreal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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