Our role in society

Additionally to my visit at Tsutaya, I went eating with my host-family later. And it was actually the place with the worst and most entertaining English I have seen so far. As I didn’t want to offend anyone, neither my family here, nor the personal working for, I didn’t want to be obviously taking pictures of all of that, so I just took one shot, of the front of the menu. But there wasn’t only funny English in there, a description of the manager at the entrance of the restaurant including information about his blood-group and hobbys also gave me a hard time not laughing 🙂

Family Steak Restaurant

On the front of the menu

Reading this, I am actually asking myself, what would happen if it was written in Japanese. Would Japanese people not burst out in laughter if they could understand all of it? I really get the feeling, that it is just hip to use English these days in Japan and as most of the Japanese people can’t grasp the real meaning of what is written there anyways, it is enough to built up random sentences, as long as they include positive words like: Relaxing, comfortable, guests, enjoy, pleasure etc.

Next time I have time and I am bored, I should start of creating some hilarious sentences including these positive words and ask our Japanese students here about their feelings about them 😉

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