Train mania

Okay most of you people know, that it can be a pain in the ass to get into a train in Japan, especially at rush hours in Shinjuku Station (Tokyo) or other well frequented places. And I also got into that situation myself from time to time. But I just found a video, that I think is hilarious, because at the end  five Japanese train employees all try together pushing one guy into the train.

And this reminds me of a story. At the weekend, where the red leaves are considered to be perfect in Kyoto, the same situation occured even at Hirakta station for the express trains. And we were waiting in line. We could clearly see, that we can’t make it into the first train, but two Japanese seniors thought else. Both of them pretty much got like one of their legs and a small piece of their body and it, but nothing more.

Then the doors started closing. The first time the “train-pusher” was able to stop the door. But the next time it closed with more power and these old people still didn’t think of getting of the train. So the door pushed that strong, that the Japanese guy was no more able to hold it back and the seniors started to getting stuck in the door and getting really pushed by the door, looking like they are gonna be crushed by it. So a friend of mine + several more Japanese guys had to jump to the door, to get it open once more and somebody finally pushed out the seniors along with their great urge to be smashed.

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